tak is a tableware brand established in 2018 by Takenaka Co., Ltd.
The company has been producing traditional wares in Ishikawa Prefecture since 1925, including lunchboxes and other tableware with exquisitely smooth lacquer coating that is different for the exterior and interior of our products.
tak products are designed to be fun, tough, and creative,
bringing together form and function in a creative way.

Yamanaka Lacquerware

Three cities in Ishikawa Prefecture are famous for their lacquer-ware: Yamanaka,
renowned for the beautiful grain of wood: Wajima with high quality lacquer: and Kanazawa with its products known for rich embellishments.
Besides traditional lacquer-ware, production of modern synthetic lacquer-ware, using plastic (synthetic resin) with polyurethane coating, started in the late 1950s.
Modern lacquer-ware, while created based on traditional techniques, offers a new kind of beauty that sets it apart from other resin products.
It quickly grew into an industry rivalling the traditional lacquer-ware, and Ishikawa Prefecture remains one of the top producers in Japan.

Our aim is to create products that have a positive effect not just on your homelife, but also the environment. That's why tak tableware is made in large part from recycled PET plastics. This gives everyday disposable objects like plastic bottles a chance to be reborn as something new.We hope that this will help encourage society to adopt more sustainable habits over time.